docs, config and ansible stuff for the "Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung Am Deutschen Platz"
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Freifunk Leipzig - Erstaufnahme Einrichtung - Am Deutschen Platz

This repo contains the config and documentation for our installation at the "Erstaufnahme Einrichtung - Am Deutschen Platz"

this is a work in progress



  • pass (password manager)
  • pandoc (offline documentation generation)
  • python3 (ansible)
  • python3-venv (ansible)
  • rsync (ansible)

Initial Setup

  1. install requirements
  2. clone repo and change directory: git clone && cd ffl-aea-adp
  3. create python3 virtual enviroment: python3 -m venv ansible-environment
  4. enter python3 virtual environment: . ansible-environment/bin/activate
  5. install ansible and dependencies: pip3 install -r ansible-environment.txt
  6. import all gpg keys for pass: gpg --import files/gpg/*
  7. trust all imported gpg keys: gpg --edit-key <id> with trust and 5 for every key
  8. create ssh_config with all hosts: ansible-playbook playbook_create_ssh_config.yml (use -e jumphost=eae-adp-jump01 to configure ssh to use eae-adp-jump01 as the jump host)
  9. leave python3 virtual environment: deactivate

Daily Usage

Before doing enything you need to enter the environment: . environment

After using playbook_create_ssh_config.yml you can call ssh simply with the name of the machine (ie. ssh gw-core01). The ssh_config file is generated from the ansible-inventory. Should something in the inventory change or you want to use/change the jumphost simply reexecute the playbook.

Passwords managed using pass. Simply call pass after sourcing the environment.


  • environment: configure environment (path to pass store, http(s) socks proxy and python venv for ansible)
  • playbook_create_ssh_config.yml: playbook to create an additional ssh_config file (.ssh/ffl_eae_adp_config) that get's included in the default ssh_config
  • playbook_distribute_authorized_keys.yml: deploy files/authorized_keys on all machines
  • playbook_provision_accesspoints.yml: configure accesspoints
  • playbook_provision_backbone.yml: configure wg tunnel and ospf link between gw-core01 and eae-adp-jump01
  • playbook_provision_eap-adp-jump01.yml: general system configuration for eae-adp-jump01 (monitoring, routing, ...)
  • playbook_provision_hyper01.yml: general system configuration for hyper01 and create vms/containers
  • playbook_provision_monitoring.yml: configure and install prometheus and grafana on monitoring01