dezentrale Services: Wh0t?
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dezentrale Services: Wh0t?


code repo for talk..

slides can be opended in Obsidian:

  • (optional) install via flatpak (+ flatseal)
  • enable slides plugin if you want to see the presentation
  • (optional) disable network access in flatseal for obsidian
  • (optional) only allow this folder in flatseal for obsidian
  • open this folder in obsidian


  • compose initial welcome text for memebers mailing list (with @pilgim ?)
    • where to start -> matix, wiki, etc
  • check aurora stuff
    • LED stripes (Hauptraum - retrieve current code deployed from @phantomix)
      • update to support aurora (except logo part)
      • check on better power switch configuration (with @sixtus ?)
        • move switches to one common switch to front (door)
        • include @sixtus relais to be able to switch them via harry (?)